"I picked a bad day to start caring."


Species: Yellow Nikto
Gender: Male
Career: Jedi Sentinel
Specializations: Shadow, Infiltrator, Snatch-‘n’-grab.


Once a Jedi Padawan, after the death of his master Sigma-97 went to the Hutts for refuge. He now works under them, gathering information. Nonetheless, he retains his devotion, as much as he can, to the Jedi code. He is prone to making snide comments, particularly to Mable, who he refers to as “Bitch the Elder.”
Sigma-97 entered our story by infiltrating the Night Wind (through a hole in the side), sent by a hutt family to determine the existence of Ropha the Hutt and confirm life signs. While on this mission, he was caught by Mable and locked in another room. And the rest is in the adventure logs.
Sigma-97 does not respect any authority other than the hutts he works for, but has a strong respect for the Force and feels an obligation to train Irellia “Lucky” Linai as he, she, and Mable may be the last of their kind.

Train Lucky in the ways of the force – as he interprets it.
Recover his master’s lightsaber.
Free himself from hutt service.
Find out what Mable’s deal is. Not the “totally out of touch” part, but the “adopted hutt baby” part.


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