"You'd better not wake my baby."


Species: Human
Gender: Female
Career: Consular
Specializations: Sage, Pathfinder


Rejected by the Jedi order because her Force Sensitivity was discovered too late, Mable worked as a librarian and glorified babysitter within the Jedi temple. As she worked within the temple she came to believe the Jedi’s policy of early recruitment was nothing more than kidnapping. Partnering with a Hutt mechanic who worked in the temple, she began a plan to smuggle the children out of the Jedi’s reach.

Mable managed to “liberate” 66 children before she and her partner were caught. In a heated battle the Hutt woman was killed. Unknown to the Jedi, she was carrying a child within her pouch. Mable promised her dying partner to care for the infant Hutt, and using the fallen Jedi’s lightsaber cut the child free from her mother’s pouch.

Now on the run, Mable settled on an abandoned moon with her child, where she stayed for decades, out of contact with the outside world.

Devoted to the care of her adopted son, Mable is more than willing to tap the dark side to protect her family. She believes both the Jedi order and the Empire to be fascist organizations that the galaxy would be better off without.


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