Irellia "Lucky" Linai

"So...I'm a Magic Space Wizard?"


Species: Twi’Lek
Gender: Female
Career: Smuggler
Specializations: Gambler, Force Sensitive Exile, Gunslinger


Lucky was born the daughter of a fugitive Jedi and a Bounty Hunter. Her mother died when she was very young and Lucky was raised by her father. Growing up on their ship, The Night Wind, she accompanied him on smuggling and bounty hunting runs, even since she was a little girl. He taught her how to survive, how to fly, and, respecting her mother’s wishes, a certain sense of right and wrong.

Then, when she was sixteen, he disappeared. Taking a job he refused to let Lucky accompany him on, he told her he would return. But weeks passed from they were supposed to meet, and he never did. Lucky has been seeking him out ever since, while following his cardinal rule: Keep Flying.

While on her own, Lucky took on smuggling jobs “too small” for other smugglers—jobs like helping a woman get medicine that wouldn’t pass customs to her ailing father. Though the jobs didn’t pay much, they were enough to keep her aloft, and that was important (well, that and helping out the underdog).

Though uneducated, Lucky as a strong intuition. She’s the sort to follow her gut and her heart above everything else. They’ve never steered her wrong before.

Lucky hates seeing innocent people being hurt, and will put herself at risk to help them, despite her father’s warnings to stay safe. Although generous, Lucky is slow to trust, the product of living her life on the run. That said, she has a deep seated fear of loss and abandonment, and holds any who do befriend her quite dear.

Lucky is the owner and Pilot of The Night Wind, and the wielder of the paired pistols Tchun-Tchin.

  • Find her father
  • Learn about what it means to be a Magic Space Wizard Force Sensitive
  • Learn what really happened to her mother
  • Keep Flying

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Irellia "Lucky" Linai

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