Mikael's Medical Droid


Species: Droid
Type: Rival (as opposed to Minion, not a rival to the characters)

Physician’s Assistant: Can assist Medicine rolls for a +1 Boost (Blue) die and grants 1 Rank of the Surgeon talent when doing so.
Built In Surgical & Diagnostic Tools: Counts as a Medpac and (once per session) a Stimpac.

May have additional, as of yet undiscovered, properties


When found by Mikael, this IM-6 Droid was assisting Kiz’Bren in his work as a mechanic. The droid was not skilled in mechanic’s work, so Mikael offered to take the droid of of Kiz’bren’s hands.

This IM-6 droid is eager to help, but seems slow to trust, perhaps due to past mistreatment.


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