Gavin Linai

Lucky's Father


Race: Twi’Lek
Gender: Male
Career: Bounty Hunter/Soldier


During the Clone Wars, Gavin fought for his home world of Ryloth. In his time as a soldier, he learned to be a deadly marksman, and, when he lost his younger sister, became embittered. Soon, however, he found the losses too hard to bear and traveled into the galaxy as a bounty hunter.

As the Clone Wars ended and the Jedi order fell, he was contracted to hunt a Fugitive Jedi, Aylena Teral. However, even as he hunted her, he began to find himself entranced by her beauty, calm, and grace. Soon, the two fell in love and he joined her on the run.

This love lead to marriage, and eventually to a daughter. When Aylena was killed by a imperial inquisitor, Gavin vowed to protect his daughter no matter the cost.

The two traveled together for a long time, but on her sixteenth birthday, he took on a mission he forbade her from accompanying him on, and he hasn’t been seen since.

Gavin Linai is a loyal family man, but also a ruthless bounty hunter. He will not hesitate to do anything to keep his daughter safe, no matter how illegal or immoral it may be.

Gavin Linai

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