Aylena Linai

Lucky's Mother


Species: Twi’Lek
Gender: Female
Career: Consular/Mystic
Status: Deceased


Once a revered Jedi consular and diplomat, Aylena Teral worked with the senate on many missions of peace and aid throughout the Clone Wars. However, the end of the Clone Wars and the pronouncement of Order 66 changed her life forever.

A gifted seer, Aylena managed to evade her clone pursuers but found herself hunted by Bounty Hunter Gavin Linai. Though he seemed willing to kill her, Aylena could sense the conflict within him. He was, at heart, a good man. Believing in peace and communication, Aylena defeated him not with her lightsaber but with her words, and in doing so, the two fell in love.

Though Aylena believed in her vows to the Jedi order, she knew that she could love selflessly, and did not fear attachment. Soon the two were married and had a daughter.

For six years, they traveled together, still pursued by the empire. At every turn, Aylena’s keen senses and foresight allowed them to evade their enemies. But it could not last forever.

Caught in a situation where her survival would mean the death of many innocents, Aylena sacrificed herself at the hands of an Imperial inquisitor, leaving her loved ones behind.

Calm and peaceful, Aylena was a paragon of the light side. She was a skilled diplomat who preferred to resolve situations with words rather than force.

Aylena Linai

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