Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 7: One Man's Trash

As Sig goes to retrieve Mable, he finds her engaged in “heated negotiations” with the local Hutt crime lord. Mable blatantly uses her Force Powers to shock several Gamorrean guards and bind the Hutt’s majordomo. Though she is successful in retrieving the information she causes quite the scene. The Hutt, of course would report nothing, not wanting to incriminate himself, but unbeknownst to Sig and Mable, Zhak Simmdrel sees the event.

Knowing that Mable’s blatant force use could attract the attention of Inquisitors, Sig decides to retrieve his lightsaber, and so the party travels to the Transit Depot where he stashed it. When they reach his locker, they find the locks changed and (after trivially picking the locks) the contents of the locker different.

They go the storage manager, who says that Sig has not paid his locker fees, and therefore his locker was cleared. If he wants to find it, he must pay a fee and go to lost and found. After paying the fee, they reach lost and found only to discover that the contents of his locker have been thrown away on the planet of Raxas prime. After a tense moment of trying to clear the search flag from the lost and found terminal, the party sets off for Raxas prime.

On Raxas prime, Mable insists on using this as a training moment for Lucky, advising her to attempt to seek out the lightsaber with her force abilities. Lucky has a great difficulty, but
as they search, they find a lost battle droid — MDK-187. Shade reactivates him, only to discover that due to his damaged power core, he has been reset to factory default. Setting himself up as the Authorized User, Shade sets about repairing the droid, who he names Clink.

Lucky, frustrated with her inability to seek out the lightsaber decides to attempt to simply see herself finding it in the future. To her surprise, it works. She sees the lightsaber in some kind of shop and she and her companions fleeing from two battle droids.

Returning to the ship, the party searches out the shop in Lucky’s vision, leading them to Rico’s customs. Shade and Sig, along with Clink go to case the shop. As Shade talks to Rico about gear modding, Mikael and Shade’s droid Spotty search for the lightsaber, finding it in a secure case.

Eventually, Shade decides to meet up with Rico later, after purchasing a new power core for Clink, and in doing so, gives Sig some time to infiltrate the shop and steal back his lightsaber. He sets up Clink’s old power core to act as a short term EMP to disable the security systems, and hopefully give Sig the edge he needs.

While Sig gets inside the Shop with little trouble, he finds that the EMP has not knocked out power to the case, making it difficult for him to retrieve the lightsaber. Finally, he decides to simply activate the lightsaber, boring a hole in the case. This succeeds, but has the unfortunate effect of shattering half the side of the case, making it impossible to hide what they have done. As Sig hears the power beginning to whir back on, he decides that a smash and grab is good enough and leaves with the lightsaber before he can be caught by the security systems.

Back on the Ship, the party decides to wait around a few days before leaving, as fleeing will surely look suspicious. However, after a day passes, they are contacted by a panicked Rico, who asks for Shade’s help. In the background, the distinctive sound of Lightsabers is heard.

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