Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 6: Trade

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THE BLACK MARKET, an illicit hub of trade hidden in every port, full of dangers, but also of opportunity. As our heroes seek to offload their ill gotten gains, will they find more than money awaiting them?


In need of funds and supplies, our heroes decide to sell the "salvaged" pirate gear at a nearby spaceport.

While Lucky searches for buyers, Mikael and Shade look for a replacement for Mikael's medical backpack, destroyed by the security droids. They find one in the custody of Flann Omac, but in order to get it at a discounted price, Mikael agrees to help heal some of his men, who were hurt in a "trade dispute." 

Mikael manages to heal most of them, but finds one of the men particularly challenging—he has severe burns on his leg that won't heal. Shade helps him identify the cause and realizes that his wounds were caused by a modified flame projector, one which uses metallic fuel, which is now caught in the wound. Resolved to help the man, Mikael seeks out an industrial solvent which will be able to remove the melted metal from the man's leg, hopefully leaving the tissue intact.

Meanwhile, Lucky, using her knowledge of the seedier side of society, finds a place to offload the gear. Locating Zhak Simmdrel, who seems quite in need of merchandise, she has little trouble selling the salvaged pirate gear. As Zhak's men go to offload the gear from The Night Wind, he notices that her ship is damaged, and recommends she go to a mechanic to help her repair the hull.

As this happens, Mikael is visiting the very same Mechanic, in hopes of receiving the solvent. There he finds a medical droid, tragically misassigned to ship repair. As Shade manages to save the ship from disaster, Mikael offers to take the droid of its owner's hands. The owner agrees and also agrees to give Mikael the small ammout of solvent he needs to heal the injured man's leg.

On the way back to Flann's men, Mikael removes the droid's restraining bolt, hoping to earn its trust. Though, due past harsh treatment, it doesn't trust him yet, it seems more than willing to help. With the help of his new medical backpack and his droid ally, Mikael is able to heal the man's leg, and prevent further tissue damage.

Shortly after Mikael's departure from the motor pool, Lucky arrives and meets Kiz'Bren the Mechanic. Though the damage to her ship's outer hull is extensive, he notes that the Durasteel armor protected the inner systems from much of the Concussion missiles harm, and he can repair it for a much lower cost (in both money and time). 

Now with access to the money from the pirate gear, Mikael decides to offload his imperial equipment and resupply with something less conspicuous, Shade agrees to come along, hoping he can find even more explosive gear. In seeking out buyers, he gets in contact with Zhak Simmdrel, who is very interested in buying any kind of weapons supplies, due to a recent trade dispute.

However, he doesn't have any of equipment Mikael or Shade need… at least not on him. He offers them a chance to obtain that gear for free, provided they can "acquire" a shipment of gear he failed to get from Flann Omac. Mikael and Shade agree, but hatch a plan to simply purchase the gear and sell it back a higher price, avoiding violence all together.

With her ship set to be fixed, Lucky decides to take what's left of her remaining funds and finish purchasing mods for her guns, as it looks like danger will be on the horizon. On her way there, she senses a presence following her, but as it doesn't seem hostile, she decides to leave it be for now.

In seeking a supplier for her gun mods, she meets Flann Omac. He just happens to have the item she needs in stock. They begin to negotiate over price, and that's where fate intervenes. As Lucky examines the merchandise, her hololocket, with a picture of her family, slips from her vest and into view. Seeing that, Flann gives Lucky an uncharacteristicly low price, saying "Of course, anything for Gavin Linai's daughter."

Unfortounately, both groups arrive back at the ship to finalize negotiations. Flann and Zhak both believe that they have been set up, and it quickly turns into a fire fight. Lucky attempts to intervene, but her attempts only draw fire. Zhak's men fire the first shots, grazing Lucky and setting Sig (who promptly disappears) on fire. 

Mikael, setting aside his weapon, succeeds in talking Flann down, but Zhak takes that opprotunity to shoot Flann, injuring him. Shade, no longer feeling the need to restrain himself, shoots at Zhak's men, causing the modified Flame Projector to explode in the blast and severely injuring Zhak. 

Mikael examines both men, and finds that they will both live. After a tense moment, Flann proclames Zhak fortunate and suggests that he compensate the party for their trouble. Zhak, in a position of weakness, reluctantly agrees, however, his hostility is obvious.

With that, the party has enough funds to purchase equipment and repair their ship and the trade dispute is settled, at least temporarily.

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