Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 5: The Magnificent Five

Opening Scroll

HEROES OF THE OUTER RIM – Now gathered together by fate or by chance, our heroes work together to defend the small colony of [NAME] from a dastardly pirate threat.

As the dust gathers around the town, will they be victorious?


With the imperial base under control, the civilians are ushered inside to keep them safe from the incoming pirates. Sure enough, pirate ships arrive and attempt to strafe the town, but are driven off by Mable and the securitrons on the base's turrets. 

Forced to land, the pirates approach the town, where they are greeted by an explosive welcome, courtesy of Shade's detonite charges. There the battle begins in earnest. 

Fighting waves of pirates, including their frightening command staff, our heroes manage to defeat the pirates and capture their ship.

Knowing that the colonists will not be safe on the planet, they are given the Pirate ship to seek a new home. Shade and Mikael, now wanted by the empire, decide not to join the peaceful colonists and instead journey on with the rest of our heroes on the Night Wind.

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