Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 4: Security

Opening Scroll

PIRATES – scourge of the outer rim! Threat to colonists and the EMPIRE alike, some pirates evade imperial pursuit by doing their dirty work. 

As the colonists of [NAME] are threatened, our heroes must band together to stop this dastardly threat.


Upon dropping out of hyperspace to meet with a contact on the planet [NAME], The Night Wind is attacked by pirates. Though victorious, the ship sustains heavy damage, forcing it to set down on the planet.

When they arrive, they are greeted by Mikael, Shade, and a host of scared colonists. Lucky manages to convince the colonists that they aren't pirates, and, in exchange for help repairing their ship agree to help defend the colony.

Shortly thereafter, the first wave of pirates arrives. Though they appear civil, Lucky has a premonition of them killing the town's mayor. Her vision allows our heroes to react quickly and save the residents of the town. They are successful in driving the pirates away, but knowledge of pirate tactics ensures that they will return in force.

In order to protect the town, Mikael, Shade, Lucky, Sig, and Railyn journey into the decomissioned imperial base. There they face waves of imperial security droids until Shade manages to hack the system and gain control of the base and its droids. 

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