Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 3: Mercy

Opening Scroll

Peace. Order. Stability. The IMPERIAL MILITARY promises to bring all this to the galaxy if only it were to yield.

A chance to change everything for better is an appealing prospect for a young soldier on THE OUTER RIM. But as he is about to discover, there is more to the GALACTIC EMPIRE’s Promise than meets the eye.


Mikael, a Chiss medic and soldier in the Imperial Navy witnesses the carnage at the battle of Lasan. Hoping to save as many lives as he can, he convinces his superiors to allow him to treat their disputer wounds. Though he saves some, he cannot protect the Lasat from imperial slavery, but does manage to get them less grueling assignments.

Years later, he finds himself assigned to a backwater planet, where the Imperial Garrison is soon leaving. Spending more and more time treating the local colonists, and less and less time on the base he sees his privileges slowly being revoked. Eventually, he is offered an honorable discharge, though perhaps only so that he will stay out of the base.

While requesting medical supplies to treat the townsfolk who have been repeatedly attacked by a rabid Swampa, he discovers an imperial plot to create a biophage which would wipe out all life on the planet.

Realizing what this discovery means, he meets up with Shade, a Chadra-Fan who has been a thorn in the Empire's side for quite a while. The two resolve to sabotage the biophage by swapping out a key ingredient with a similar looking but chemically different substance, rendering it harmless. 

In order to do so, the two, accompanied by one of the colonists, a Bothan Scout, journey into the swamp to gather the ingredient. There they are ambushed by the rabid Swampa. Though it is a difficult fight, the three manage to kill the Swampa, helping keep the village safe from its rampages.

With the ingredients gathered, Mikeael returns to the base under the pretext of requesting a Bacta tank. While he distracts the Imperials, Shade swaps the ingredients. As the two leave with the Bacta tank, Shade notices that the imperials have left a parting gift—a Thermal Detonator on their speeder. 

Luckily, Shade, a skilled mechanic, disarms the thermal, helping his friends survive and gaining a valuable weapon.

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