Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 2: Casino Heist

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THE JEDI KNIGHTS, once a proud order of galactic peacekeepers, now fallen. Most have lost their lives to the crushing fist of THE GALACTIC EMPIRE, but some remain in hiding. 

One such individual now hides as an agent of the HUTTS, sent to investigate the status of one young Hutt, long missing and presumed dead. But what perhaps he will find far more.


Mable goes to check on her baby Hutt, only to find a strange Nikto leaning over his crib. Restraining the man with her force powers, she demands to know who he is.

He introduces himself as "Sigma-97", sent to discern the status of the infant and nothing more. Mable attempts to detain him in the ship's hold, but he is eventually freed.

Reluctantly deciding to work together, the three seek out the Hutt family, parents of the Hutt child's mother and Mable's former partner, who had been providing Mable with credits and supplies.

They say that they cannot offer any resources, as to do so would alert the baby's father's family (and his enemies) that the child is alive (which would put him, and our heroes at great risk). However, they do know of a Casino owned by rather shady sources, which could potentially provide some resources to certain crafty individuals.

One scene-skip later, Sigma-97 finds himself running from Casino security and carrying a briefcase full of Casino chips. With Lucky's aid, and Mable's force powers, he manages to escape, leaving one angry Barabel Enforcer behind.

Back on the ship and across the planet, Sig begins to test Lucky for force sensitivity. First attempting to hide from her and then throwing forks at her to test her perception, he discovers, to both their surprise, that she is Force Sensitive. After a grueling 8 hours of staring at a cup of Space Ramen, Lucky moves something with the force, giving her incontrovertible proof of its  existance.

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