Star Wars: Children of the Force

Episode 1: Blind Jump

Opening Scroll

THE OUTER RIM – A lawless place, haven to criminals, rebels, and refugees. Even as THE GALACTIC EMPIRE tightens its grip, many outlaws slip through their fingers, desperate to survive.

But the Empire is not the only power in the galaxy. Although now almost forgotten, a FORCE more potent exists.

Somewhere in the vast Outer Rim, a young woman is pursued. While she does not know or believe it, her destiny will soon take hold.


Lucky, caught smuggling and on the run blind jumps into hyperspace, hoping to escape somewhere safe. But fate has other plans in store. Crashlanding on what seems to be an abandoned moon, she is soon greeted with cries of: MY HUT

After a short misunderstanding about the definition of Hut, it is discovered that Mable is hiding here with her adopted son, an infant Hutt named Ropha. She claims to be able to tap into a mysterious power called "The Force," something which Lucky dismisses as mere mysticism.

With Mable's home in shambles and her supplies running low, she agrees to join Lucky on her journey, but only if Lucky will help her get in contact with the Hutts who were surreptitiously giving her supplies to care for her baby. 

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